HiltonEnvisioning the future of hospitality

We explored how emerging technologies could transform the experience of guests and employees in response to social, economic, and environmental challenges.

Hilton’s instinct for innovation freed us to define ambitious concepts, grounded in research and hospitality trends—and to start prototyping the most viable ideas.

The vision

Greater personalization and customization for guests with an ecosystem of connected services and devices, and self-sufficiency for resorts and hotels.

Innovation Gallery

Our dynamic prototype experience encouraged Hilton’s guests and staff to imagine the future of hospitality, and inspired investment in further research and development.

The centerpiece is an interactive light wall that automatically detects a guest’s presence, and allows them to immerse themselves in a range of hospitality and thematic experiences.

The Dynamic Wall was so successful that we are developing the concept further as one of the projects undertaken by our incubation lab.


Innovation strategy / Envisioning / Brand experiences / Film production / Motion / Installation / App design & development